Are you ready to take your photos from 'just alright' to 'dannnnng that's good'?

Using these simple techniques and tricks, editing photos (+ videos!) doesn't have to be hard OR time consuming!


​​​​​​​In this course you will learn how to:

- approach photo editing with a natural, timeless style
- make basic edits using three different mobile app options 
- remove blemishes or distracting background elements from photos
- make basic edits to your VIDEOS too!

*bonus: receive an exclusive set of 10 Miss Freddy presets for the free Lightroom Mobile app!


Hi, I'm Casey!
(aka Miss Freddy)

When I was born, I had an unfortunate resemblance to Fred Flintstone and the nickname stuck (even though I don’t think I look like a caveman anymore!).

After 9 years as a Professional Photographer, I've learned how to edit my photos simply + quickly in a simple, timeless style that my clients (and myself) will love for years to come.  I want everyone to use my simple techniques to take their photos from 'just alright' to 'dannnnng that's good'!


Lesson 1: Introduction + Editing Philosophy

Lesson 2: Overview of Apps

Lesson 3: Basic Editing Principles

Lesson 4: PicTapGo

Lesson 5: A Color Story​​​​​

​​​​​​​Lesson 6: Lightroom Mobile

​​​Lesson 7: Lightroom Mobile- Presets

Lesson 8: Advanced Edits: Lightroom
​​​​​​​(adobe subscription required)

Lesson 9: Advanced Edits: Touch Retouch

BONUS: Live Edits of Student-Submitted Photos

BONUS: iPhone Camera + Photos App Tips